tuna pie recipe easy
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Tuna pie recipe

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Tuna pie recipe – easy recipe for tasty pie with tuna and potato. You can use another canned fish like as sardines or salmon.

salmon pasta recipe
Main Course

Salmon spaghetti recipe with spinach

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Salmon spaghetti recipe with spinach – recipe for delicious dish for every day. This gorgeous salmon dish is simple and full aromatic flavor. The pasta, spinach and salmon work so well together!

sardine pie recipes
Bakery and Bread

Sardines pie recipe

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Sardines pie recipe – recipe for yummy fish pie! This version of fish pie is made with canned sardines. Easy to make and very tasty!

salmon ravioli
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Salmon ravioli recipe

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Salmon ravioli recipe to prepare a delicious meal. These ravioli like the whole family! Hearty and very tasty!

Appetizer and Snack

Salmon sandwiches recipe

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Salmon sandwiches recipe with avocado cream – quick recipe for delicious appetizer. Salted salmon fillets, tender cream with avocado and cottage cheese – these sandwiches are great!