Vegetable smoothie recipe for weight loss

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Vegetable smoothie recipe – recipe for tasty healthy drink with apple and vegetables (bell pepper, carrot and tomato). Perfect for weight loss! Start your day with this bright and nutritional drink!


Blueberry banana smoothie recipe

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Blueberry banana smoothie recipe – banana and blueberries blended with yogurt and some sugar. Enjoy this blueberry and banana smoothie any time of day! Healthy drink for kids and adults.

martini bianco recipe

Martini tonic recipe

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Martini tonic recipe – long drink with Martini Bianco and tonic. Try these amazing cocktail! Long drink – refreshing alcoholic drink with a large volume (160-400 ml). Usually prepared with lots of ice, it is […]

coffee shake recipe

Сoffee milkshake recipe for 2 minutes

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Сoffee milkshake recipe – recipe for a delicious and flavorful coffee cocktail. You can make it in just 2 minutes! Unforgettable taste of coffee, vanilla ice cream and cinnamon in this milkshake will appeal to all lovers […]

raspberry and blueberry smoothie recipe

Smoothie recipe with raspberry and blueberry

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Smoothie is a healthy thick beverage with fruits and milk or yogurt. Try our smoothie recipe with raspberry and blueberry! Fresh and yummy! To prepare this smoothie can be used fresh or frozen berries.


Kiwi smoothie recipe with milk

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Kiwi smoothie recipe – recipe of healthy smoothie with kiwi, pineapple and spinach. If you’re on a vegetarian diet or have lactose intolerance, you can use almond milk for this recipe.