beet appetizer recipes
Appetizer and Snack

Easy beet appetizer recipe

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Easy beet appetizer recipe – boiled beets with garlic and mayo on toasts. Very easy, tasty and looks beautiful!  

tuna pie recipe easy
Bakery and Bread

Tuna pie recipe

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Tuna pie recipe – easy recipe for tasty pie with tuna and potato. You can use another canned fish like as sardines or salmon.

Yeastless baguette recipe
Bakery and Bread

Baguette recipe no yeast

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Baguette recipe no yeast – recipe for baguette without yeast and bread machine. Very easy and very tasty! Use to make sandwiches.  

meatball soup recipe with potatoes
Gluten free

Meatball soup recipe

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Meatball soup recipe – recipe for hearty soup. Meatballs and golden broth with potato, green peas and fresh herbs. Gluten free soup recipe for tasty dinner.


Vegetable smoothie recipe for weight loss

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Vegetable smoothie recipe – recipe for tasty healthy drink with apple and vegetables (bell pepper, carrot and tomato). Perfect for weight loss! Start your day with this bright and nutritional drink!

zucchini carrot fritters recipe
Appetizer and Snack

Mixed vegetable fritters recipe

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Mixed vegetable fritters recipe – recipe for easy to make tasty fritters with zucchini, green peas and carrot. Perfect as an appetizer.

fruit nut truffles recipe

Dried fruit truffles recipe

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Dried fruit truffles recipe – recipe for tasty and healthy homemade candies with walnuts and dried fruits. Easy recipe! Gluten free.

bell pepper salad recipe
Gluten free

Fresh bell pepper salad recipe

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Fresh bell pepper salad recipe – easy recipe for vegetable salad with red bell pepper and napa cabbage. Healthy, tasty, and easy to make! Good for diet.