Fresh fig pie recipe

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Fresh fig pie recipe – easy and very tasty! This is an excellent way to use fresh figs.

potato dumplings recipe

Filled potato dumplings recipe

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This recipe for potato dumplings is made with cooked mashed potatoes and fried onion. Tasty dinner for real gourmet!

Beet salad recipe no cheese

Beet salad recipe

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Beet salad recipe – recipe for healthy salad with beets and apple without mayonnaise and cheese. This is a sweet and savory salad will be great for every meal!

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coffee shake recipe

Сoffee milkshake recipe for 2 minutes

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Сoffee milkshake recipe – recipe for a delicious and flavorful coffee cocktail. You can make it in just 2 minutes! Unforgettable taste of coffee, vanilla ice cream and cinnamon in this milkshake will appeal to all lovers […]


Blueberry banana smoothie recipe

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Blueberry banana smoothie recipe – banana and blueberries blended with yogurt and some sugar. Enjoy this blueberry and banana smoothie any time of day! Healthy drink for kids and adults.

mango peach smoothie recipe
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Mango peach smoothie recipe

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Mango peach smoothie recipe – a simple recipe for a gentle cocktail of peach and mango. Delicious, quick and nutritious!


stew potato recipe
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Chicken and potato stew recipe

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Chicken and potato stew recipe for Multi Cooker. Tender chicken fillet and potato stewed with milk – perfect dish for hearty dinner.

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Napa cabbage rolls recipe

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Napa cabbage rolls recipe – recipe for hearty rolls which made using multi cooker. Napa cabbage leaves stuffed with ground beef and vegetables– it’s so yummy!

Breakfast and brunch

Breakfast and Brunch

Chicken omelet recipe

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Chicken omelet recipe – recipe for tasty breakfast. Tender omelet with chicken fillet and olives. Perfect to start the day.

muffins with cottage cheese recipe
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Cottage cheese muffins recipe

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Cottage cheese muffins recipe – recipe for perfect breakfast. Baked tender cottage cheese cream and raisins. Absolutely delicious!

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easy berry mousse recipe

Berry mousse recipe

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Berry mousse recipe – simple recipe for delicious dessert which made from berries syrup. Creamy, lightly and airy mousse for every day!

Easy pumpkin puree soup recipe

Pumpkin soup puree recipe

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Pumpkin soup puree recipe – easy recipe for healthy dinner every day. This soup is smooth and flavorful. Serve with crusty bread and enjoy! Ingredients 1 pound sugar pumpkin (peeled, seeded and cubed) 1 medium carrot […]

stuffed grape leaves appetizer
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Stuffed grape leaves recipe

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Stuffed grape leaves recipe for a delicious appetizer. Tender lamb and rice in grape leaves – a dish for gourmets!

blueberry pie recipe with frozen blueberries
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Blueberry vanilla pie recipe

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Blueberry vanilla pie recipe for MultiCooker or oven. Easy recipe for tasty pie with fresh or frozen blueberry with vanilla sugar. No eggs!

cabbage chicken recipe
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Cabbage and chicken recipe in MultiCooker

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Stewed cabbage and chicken recipe in MultiCooker – recipe for great dish of cabbage stewed with chicken thighs. Easy to cook, flavorful, amazing taste! Ingredients 4 chicken thighs (skinless, halved lengthwise) 1 pound cabbage (finely […]